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dany is a DC native, parent, and Co-ED of Power Shift Network. she is working for climate justice, liberation and healing for Black folks & all people.


  • Breana Ross

    Breana Ross

    Unapologetic Black Womxn. Organizer. Virgo. Writer. Deliberate & Afraid of Nothing.

  • Silver Hannon

    Silver Hannon

  • Vanessa Beck

    Vanessa Beck

  • Matteo Farinella

    Matteo Farinella

    Neuroscientists, cartoonist, working at Columbia University, publishing graphic journalism and short info-comics. More at

  • Richael Faithful

    Richael Faithful

    Folk Healer. Healing Justice Practitioner. Creative.

  • Addy Free

    Addy Free

  • Julia Marino

    Julia Marino

    Let's make the world better, one step, one breath, one bite at a time. life designer. food lover. nature explorer. Seeing beauty in the imperfect.

  • Eve Mosher

    Eve Mosher

    mom, creative facilitator, freaked out about climate and ecological emergency but firm believer that #AnotherWorldIsPossible

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